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Blurry Shape Generator (For Windows)



UPDATE: This has now been updated to version 3, which adds stars and hexagons as well! :dance: Plus it no longer quits after the 1st lot of shapes. Pressing a key after the shape drawing is complete, now returns you to the main menu. ;-) Now a slight increase to 51.6 KB to download.

With my Blurry Shapes Generator, you can quickly make cool, abstract-ish images like these. :-)
Choose from 4 modes: Circles, triangles, squares or rotated squares. Also select how many you want to be drawn. (10, 20, 30, 40 or 50.)
Currently it’s limited to the resolution of my Cowon X9, which is what I was designing images for!!! ;P So, 272 × 480 pixels. I may make changes in the future, to support higher resolutions.
This version is only for Windows, and should work as far back as Windows ’95. It’s a 32 bit program, so it should also work on newer 64 bit versions of Windows as well.
I may make a Mac rendition too, which will no doubt be quite different, since I have to pretty much write it again from scratch.
Anyhow, the “output” from the program is simply a grey-scale image, which you can use to apply in an “additive” fashion, like I did, onto colourful backgrounds, or perhaps as an alpha channel. You may wish to smooth it a bit further as well.
You can download the program »»»»»» right here «««««« from my web site. It’s free, and simple to use! (& only 50.8 KB to get!) :peace:

Please comment if you fave, and preferably because you tried the program and liked it.

Check out the enhanced Mac version too!
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