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Ayleid Remnants (A Morrowind Plug-In)

By JohnK222
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I’ve also given permission to :iconabitoftaste: to make this compatible with Solstheim Overhaul.

UPDATE 2! (4 March 2017) • There’s a slight oversight that I noticed today, while I was capturing some video from this. The unique Lich, Rendurth Paravor, is set to respawn, when he should be a one off. So if you see him again, just avoid him.
• Secondly, you may need to use the ATi video card textures with some nVidia cards as well. I discovered during some video capturing, that the glass panels were not transparent, but once I’d used the textures I’d aimed for use on ATi hardware (now AMD), they showed up correctly. So please be aware of this too! The panels are the ones with the reddish to blue blend and the tree like design.

UPDATE 1! I left out the crystal tree “leaf” texture somehow, because it wasn’t in my creation files directory. I must have saved it directly to my Morrowind Textures folder, and it got skipped from the RAR file. So, I’m sorry about that. Please download it again! :blush:

Well, here’s my new Ayleid Remnants plug-in. I’ve been a bit nervous / anxious about uploading this; hoping I didn’t overlook any bad issues with it. I had a big play through again last night and today, to check the quests, and spelling. I got one typo fixed up with an extra word that shouldn’t have been there, and today, I added in another trap. (The spinning spikes.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, if you download it. :-)
If you haven’t seen my previews — what this does, is add in 4 Ayleid style places to Solstheim, and one NEXT to Solstheim. I was intending to have the internal architecture like what you see in Oblivion, but it just wasn’t going to happen with my current skills. And if I had gone that way, it would’ve looked pretty bad. :D There would’ve been no issues with me converting the meshes used in Oblivion, but that’s not really allowed.
There are a handful of quests, new ingredients, plenty of custom meshes, a new weapon, and lots of other cool goodies. :-)
This is the 1st time I’ve used bump mapping in Morrowind, and to offset any issues with my bumpy glass panels, there are replacement textures for those of you with ATI / AMD video cards, which seem to handle the transparency more sensibly that what works with my nVidia and Intel processors. It’s only 2 textures anyhow.
Feel free to ask questions & leave comments here. Also, I would only appreciate faves from those of you who have PLAYED it! ;-) Not for the preview picture above.

(You will need Tribunal + Bloodmoon. I also recommend the Morrowind Code Patch, but I’m not sure how much different it makes, because I didn’t try it without it.)

If you feel this plug-in should be uploaded at other Morrowind related sites / game sites, that is OKAY, so long as the file stays the same. :-) I also don’t mind those who might want to make add-ons to any of my mods. So long as you say that yours requires mine. Screen shots and videos to promote it should be fine also, I think. :D Just credit me.

Top Left: Outside of Mafre Tor.
Top Centre: Looking down on one of the entrance areas.
Top Right: Mathrielle, the Ayleid Study Society.
2nd Row Left: The armoury of Angagarlas.
2nd Row Centre: A special place. ;-)
2nd Row Right: Mafre Tor, Gorigarlas.
3rd Row Left: Outside Angagarlas. The Ayleid wells do work pretty close to how they do in Oblivion.
3rd Row Centre: The new sword.
3rd Row Right: Inside Mathrielle. The curved bench seats and table were inspired by a picture I saw on a calendar, and I thought: That could work!
Bottom Left: The spinning spike “trap.” It goes up & down too.
Bottom Centre: The dangers of falling into a pit of spikes.
Bottom Right: BOOM!
© 2015 - 2021 JohnK222
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as described in this thread,
I'm trying to make a pack of mods made compatible with updated Solstheim Overhaul,
so I'm asking if you are ok with me releasing a SO compatible JMK - Ayleid Remnants SO.esp

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Hello! Yes, that sounds okay. Just remember to credit me and mention the original plug-in also. Thank you for checking! :-)
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Sure! I always pack also original authors readmes :-)
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Great work! I like interiors, decorations, staff and quests; everything is good. =^_^=
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Thank you very much! If you downloaded it, could you please download it again? I left a file out of the archive. :blush: It’s there now.
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Thanks, done)))
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Oh boy! I'm excited to try it out - and congratulations on making the release! I'll try to boot it up this evening, if I have time. I'll be back impressions.
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Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. I’m sure there would have been a couple of things you would have pointed out which could've been better if I hadn't said to myself, nah, that's not good enough, and went back to make changes. Such as the main squiggley thingies, which I overhauled about 3 times. I hope you find all the hidden stuff. Look high and low. ;-) Bring your Telekinesis and Detect Key spells. :D
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Dang, this is really cool stuff. I am really impressed with all the new models and textures you made for this project. And all the little scripted events just help to add some life to the new ruins. I think I managed to find all the secret areas... but I can't be totally sure. And as usual, all the new items to collect are a lot of fun to find. Like the rings and varla stones and such.

Only thing I noticed was that the crystal tree seemed to be missing it's "leaf" textures.

Oh, one other thing I was curious about: can the stuff you've created here be used by other modders to make their own ruins?
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Yeah, the RAR file was missing the leaf texture. Sorry everyone!!! :blush: I will re-upload it now. Dunno how that happened.
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Thanks for the kind comments! :-) :bow:
Yeah, I was script-happy again. :D
I will check the thing about the leaves ASAP. The power's gone off at the moment, so I'm on my MacBook, and I can't do anything on my main PC. D'oh!
As for using my stuff - I guess that's okay, as long as I get credited. But then Bethesda made the original Varla & Welkynd Stones, so I guess I semi-knocked them off. So yeah.
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