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Ald-Ruhn Arena

Here it is at last! The Ald’ruhn Arena! A new plug-in for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind by me! (Yes, you will need Tribunal & Bloodmoon installed too.)
Just like the arena in Oblivion, you can walk on in, place a bet, watch a fight, and collect your winnings! Choose from a 10 gold entrance fee, which you may win on, or pay 100 or even 1000 gold pieces and get the chance to double your money!
Then again, you can participate in 24 main battles, and also do another choice of 3 afterwards. ;-) With voice announcements by yours truly, 4 new weapons, fighting certificates and two traders, the Ald’ruhn Arena is the place to go! Just head south from the town, towards Buckmoth Legion Fort.
Any kind of equipment is allowed, as are companions! Huzzah! You’ll be able to fight foes from level 3 to level 71! So even hardcore players should get something out of it.
(Just so you know, you will need to convert the MP3 files to WAV files, because Morrowind is a pain. If you have XMPlay, Winamp or probably iTunes, you should be able to do it. Creative’s WaveStudio should also be able to do it too. It comes with most SoundBlaster sound cards. But it’s a bit of a slow way.)

Top left: The entrance - just south of the main Ald’ruhn town.
Top centre: What you see when you walk on in. That dude is there to welcome you. :-)
Top right: Gulam’s Hole. The weapon and armour trader. That hole under the stairs was just asking for some purpose.
Middle left: Smacking the 1st guy with a rolling pin. He really is as easy as pie.
Middle centre: Looking towards Pennie’s Potions.
Middle right: Watching a fight in the arena.
Bottom left: Looking towards the staff bedroom, “gate keeper” woman and the stairs you come down to enter the main hall.
Bottom centre: Standing in the arena. Note the booby traps.
Bottom right: Fighting the last guy. He’s level 71, so you’ll want a bit of experience I’d say. He can summon a Frost Atronach, can absorb your health with his axe and has a restorative belt.
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Hey, I haven't actually tried this one out yet, but I just noticed you were featured in Episode 32 of Morrowind Modding Showcases! Congrats! And this plugin looks like a lot of fun. Definitely going to try this one out (right after I get to Ayleid Remnants).…