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You're Gonna Love This

:iconmrbackpack: Junebug and Golden Harvest/Carrot Top sitting at a table/bar drinking and talking about a long day in the market.

What is Golden Harvest talking about?

"I know when Season 3 starts!"
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sibsy be like: "she knows too much!!"
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You probably get this question a lot, but what program do you use? It looks photoshop-ey, but I'm not sure.
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Junebug looks like the orange,adult,earth pony version of sweetie belle.
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Wild fire is like "Wut the fuck is dat!?"=_=
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They must be cousins.
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wild fire face is WTF kk :3
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Wild Fire is Listening xD
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Did u see that pony over THERE? Her mane is not even ORANGE! *snicker*
statement: I desire not to discredit or pester the workers on mlp

I am very certain that doing the drawing/animation is probably stressful

I notice that of all the Zippzy pics an such I've seen at least, usually have her irritated or irritated by things and then things start to catch fire...

Question, Zippzy is also known as "Road Rage"?... actually I cant remember...
is she genuinely angry about things frequently or is that just her talent? getting irritated about things and then somehow thinking then into combustion...?
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I just realized that my drinking jar(think mug) had Golden Harvest written on the side.
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yuo are such a good artist your pictures make me... very happy
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Wildfire looks soo ticked for some reason... Mayhaps the gossip's about her?
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Cute picture
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I wanna see Junebug in the show again, I miss her. XD
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So do I Carrot Top! :-) And wildfire's face is hilarious!!!
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Hey is that Wildfire?
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:iconxstarspritex: is stealing your art dude =( [link] [link] report the deviantations please
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