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Who is Great and Powerful Now?

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Requested by :iconraptorc:

How Trixie truly feels about her handling of the the Ursa Minor incident and witnessing Twilight's awesome magical abilities.
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MGR: Sam Hey there sexy! Chat Icon by Oo-Starchild-oO  Not as black and white now, is it? Is your case just, or is that "just" what you tell yourself?
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There is a fic called The Audience. At one juncture, the main character (a brony, brought to Equestria by a magical incident) is sitting in an out-of-the-way cafe that he enjoys, and is surprised greatly when Trixie wanders in to spend the last of her money on something that at least tastes marginally good. This is after an event where-in he accidentally humiliates her on-stage, and then has to carry her out of there to stop her from being practically lynched by the angry audience.

After a long conversation, he discovers that she's pretty broken up about the whole incident, and was showing off because that's what she needed to do to survive. She's got magic tricks and illusions, but those are not particularly impressive when an approximate third of the population performs magic on a daily basis: she relies almost entirely on her hammy performance and boasting to bring in a crowd, and was never really under any illusions what-so-ever that she could take on an Ursa and SURVIVE, let alone win. After she lost everything in that particular incident, she dragged herself to Canterlot, where she's been barely scraping by, jumping from crap theater to crap theater and not even getting payed half the time. 

Really, that clinched it for me. Trixie is just desperately trying to make it in a world where her talents are basically worthless, and is so beaten down and broken that she's basically just a ball of raw nerves wrapped in barbed wire. Somewhere along the line, before she even came to Ponyville, the audience became the enemy in her mind: before, she had only wanted to entertain and make ponies smile, but somewhere, the heckling and ridicule got to her. Got to her BAD. This has solidified her fanon version as tied with Lyra Heartstrings for my second favorite pony.

Nopony will replace Luna as my number one, but...
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Poor Trixie...
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CardmasterWildHobbyist Artist
*hugs trixie*
shhh it's going to be ok. I'll always be with you. 
*wipes a tear away and kisses her forehead*
I think others can accept you as being Great and Powerful if you express it in the right way. The best way to be great is if you turn over a new leaf with some help. And a good way to show you are powerful is to show others much kindness and if you find someone who could use a friend take up that role.
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*hugs Trixie*
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sirati97Student Artist
Trixie you are still the great and powerful Trixie!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Twilight sucks Trixie FTW!!!!
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 esto me entristece viejo:[
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Why do I hear "Bed of Roses" sung by Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer when I look at this?
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Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
It is similar...but I don't really get the lyrics of that song...
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PrinceUniversaStudent Writer
Poor Trixie, no one, I REPEAT, no one has to suffer a fate like this, even someone like Trixie. :(
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How sad! She needs a hug.
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awwwwww, I just want to hug her. 
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She so CUTE !!! I just wnat to hug she.
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Well I can Shure as shit say you aren't you showboating whore. Go lie down in a ditch and die
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This is correct. Applejack's lasso jumps were a lot more impressive than what Trixie did in return, which was just make a rope wiggle. Any unicorn could have done that. She didn't do anything that matched up to what Rainbow Dash did either, she just made her feel dizzy. And Rarity made a dress out of a curtain in about three seconds- Trixie just messed up her hair out of spite. She didn't really beat them, she just immaturely showed them up because she couldn't do better.
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Couldn't have said it better myself dear sir!


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(/ Trixie is the very definition of arrogant. Even when blatantly disproven she still attempts to keep her ego up, possibly because she CAN'T accept defeat. Basically, think of Frieza or Perfect Cell's mindset when you write Trixe. If Twilight had won in Magic Duel, Trixie probably would've done this… (Just replace Frieza with Trixie and Goku with Twilight)
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are you trying to make me cry ??
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You are great and powerful, Trixie, and DONT forget it!
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Poor trixie ... :(
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MatalicPebbleHobbyist General Artist
Wow I am thinking the same thing. It comes to show how people are in life when you need to look past those stone walls and see their heart. You may find that they are not such jerks after all.
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She just needs a pal.
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