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Wet Hair Octavia

Someone suggested to me and I'm like okay. Didn't want it straight down.
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Octavia, you look fabulous in the rain!

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Fantastic artwork on Octavia!
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Those eyes...I could get lost in them forever Love 
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Octavia looks better with wet hair!!!
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why des ponies so sexy??!??!!?!?!?!!?!
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She looks pretty good with a wet mane!!! :love: :love: :love:
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May I please use this as my webcam?
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Dang it, stop making her so sexyyyy D:
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Someone has stolen this [link]
eeewwwiii's avatar
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Did you mean this?
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She so cute! <3
Dulcet-Adopts's avatar
I think someone may be stealing your art...or at least heavily referencing it.
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Let's compare!
What you said:
"I think someone may be stealing your art,"
What the supposedely stolen art's description said:
":iconhartplz: inspired by :iconjohnjescoplz:"
Dulcet-Adopts's avatar
Congrats, you can bring something up after it's already settled, died, and been buried in a deep grave! <3
Have a cookie! :iconcookie-plz:

And also, they added that only after I called them out on it.
Dulcet-Adopts's avatar
"......." isn't very expressive, so I'm afraid I can't come up with an intelligent response for you!
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ok, sorry. *walks away with head down, looks up and throws rock at cloud for nothing*
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Sooooooo awsome !!!!!!!!!
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