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We Gotta Be Sneaky, RD

Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!
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Why is Rainbow Dash always so cute no matter what? And why does she look so amazing in a ninja costume? I love the design of her suit and how her tail is pointing upwards as if she just jumped from the tree behind her. I also really like the background since it looks very pretty.
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I'm tempted to play the LEGO Ninjago theme with this. /)030(\
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♪I'm a ninja, I'm a hoodie ninja!
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Got my ninja bag, AKA a pillow case filled with nacho-flavored combos a flashlight and masking tape.
XxRoset-828xX's avatar
That facial expression...
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Who stole all my Daring Do books?

And left all this awesome sitting out on the counter?
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Nice Ninja suit, Dash!
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I can't really think to what to say of course she rainbow dash so she cool but at the same time she looks so cute
Awww. Everyone else beat me to it! You must be from the Future!
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Adorably-awesome. :3
Awesomely-adorable. :D
omg thats adorable...
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That title reminds me of Charlie the Unicorn XD
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This is a mix of adorable and awesome.
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God dammit, you've gotta move your legs like noodles.
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:iconpinkunicornplz::iconsaysplz:Sneeakyyyyy, we gotta be SNEAKY, Charlie, SNEAKKYYYYYY
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I just got that Ninja Turtles 2 reference.

Man I'm slow.
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Twilight Sparkle is a hoodie ninja.
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Thats Rainbow Dash... :iconrainbowdashwutplz:
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