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Vines and Chaos

Discord will never get tired of ruffling Twilight's new feathers. It's a start of a whole new season.
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Twilight: "Discord.... Your an ass."

Discord: "Thank you for your honest opinion."
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their mouths are so close...JUST. SO. CLOSE. tardlick 
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I smell a shipper...
TheRealChlobuscus's avatar
You damn right, this is an amazing couple. 
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But he hangs with FlutterShy
TheRealChlobuscus's avatar
well i hang with my best friend Ryan but I still like a girl i don't always get to see ^ ^
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Kk lol i still love the art i love my lil pony.
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:icondiscordplz: All you have to do, is stop listening to what your friends want you to do, and do what YOU want to do. Whaddoya say?
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No.... I said :iconmlpdiscordplz:
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Ah Discord. He needs to be in more episodes. XD At least in the background. 
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I've seen too know what, nevermind.
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this is what happens when theres too many vine videos XD
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i have those in my house
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I think discord could give good but  crazy advice for twilight he did convince her in a trolling way to go after her friends 
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Sweet, man! I love your art! I've got a ton of it on my computer!
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The begining of the new season, and Discord already troll everyone and everywhere.
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You're amazing John Joseco!
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This is pretty much a good representation of Twilight's annoyance at Discord's part in the vines. Good as always!
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