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They Love the Night

Requested by :iconmvmarier:

Here Luna is happy to see that ponies love the night. Raves and night clubs weren't invented a 1000 years ago.
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Can't wait 'till this day is over, can't wait for this day to be done.

Can't wait feel the end is closer, you can't keep me holding on.

'Cause I'm drown by a feeling, the night is calling me.

I'm ready to start living, where music flows free.

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Even now, nearly a decade later, this picture holds so much power, just as much as when I saw it when you first made it. It speaks of redemption and forgiveness and the lengths a loving sibling would go to in order to help her sister... to develop a night life just so her little sister would not be utterly alone anymore. To me, THIS is the true creative heart of the fandom, that innovative creative insanity that absolutely bleeds benevolence and kindness and fun. I fear we won't even have that again. I probably said this before, but thank you for your portrayal of innocent fun, friendship, and wonder.

I wished the show could have touched on this alot more.

Like of Luna's night being loved just as much as Celestia's day. Sadly the show didn't seem to convey that good enough.

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I can see how this would go down...

Weeks after Luna's return and celebrations were held, Celestia came to her sister, who was slowly recovering. The entire thousand year incident had drained Luna of all her powers and it would take awhile before they would return. Celestia worried of history repeating itself, but knew that times had changed, and wanted Luna to know of this as well.

"Luna, there are a few places I insist that you must see, but I cannot come along. I ask this of you because I hope it can change your views when you return."

Luna was nervous upon hearing this request, but respected her sisters wishes.

As she ventured through the streets of Canterlot, Luna was intrigued at how so much was added to the once small city. When the sun began to set, her old worries were coming back to haunt her, when suddenly new sights began to emerge. Electric lights began to illuminate across the streets and many businesses still had their doors open, and some were just now opening. Added to this, ponies were still out past sunset, some even just now beginning to venture out. Luna was overjoyed as she saw so many new sights that involved the night, from clubs, to cafes, to bookstores.
Music was being played all around her in one of the buildings she entered, ponies dancing energetically to the melodies. Tears of pure happiness began to pour down Luna's face.

A thousand years of technological advancements had changed the once dark and lonely time for Luna and she was happy to finally proclaimed loudly a quote she had always yearned to say.

"They love the night!"

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I would stay up for luna :twitterpated: 
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Before electricity, candles and fuel for lanterns was expensive: as such, there was not much of a nightlife to speak of, barring the less savory elements of larger cities. With the introduction of inexpensive, easily replaced and incredibly effective lighting, cities no longer slept with the sunset, and being awake at all hours of the night became more and more common. This leads to today, with people like me who dislike leaving their homes during the day, because that is when we sleep, and almost entirely operate during the night hours between dusk and dawn.
Woona, you were born too soon. Had you lived in a more modern age from the beginning, I doubt Nightmare Moon would have ever darkened your doorstep with her presence.
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I must go! My people need me!
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Tears of happynis
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aww she's crying of happiness :D
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It's amazing how the modernization of society has allowed for fun to happen in the night.
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The love was always there she just can see it fully now.
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I! I wanna rock and roll all night! And party every day! XD GO NIGHT MARE MOON!!!!!
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Amazing..! I knew somepony has thought of that ^^
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Reminds me of this scene
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I will go all night!! 24'7 baby
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I can go all night, baby. I'm nocturnal. Rrrroww. !<3
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Luna was a pony born out of time. Good thing she lived long enough to see a world that could appreciate her more.
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