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The Royal Princess Cleaning Brigade

Once again Celestia doesn't do any work. Is Luna even doing any work? Yeah it's been a while!
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It took me a minute to realize they're cleaning up all the gold left over from Rarity's power trip with the "inspiration manifestation" book. Neat.

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Was this after Rarity's *ahem* boo-boo?
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What are they cleaning up?
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Rarity's vision from "Inspiration Manifestation"
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Why don't they just make spike eat it all up? He'd be more than happy to do that...
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
It's gold; dragon's can't eat gold.
Ascoutnoonelikes's avatar
I had not realized that at the time if writing the comment. Whoops.
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LOL poor Twilight!!!
I bet this is a deleted scene from MLP: Inspiration Manifestation.
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Twilight: Grr Spike 
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It may look like that only three princesses were having a hard day, but I BELIEVE that Celestia was part of sorting out the mess as well, for while Twilight and the others did most of the tidying up, Celestia may have had to deal with several complaints from most of the citizens about what had happened.
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Luna has a good idea. Music while working does make it go by faster.

Twilight: Sweep sweep sweep~ Sweep sweep sweep~
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
"Wot's this, now?!" ~Demoman wondering what happened here.
I guess Luna now has "TWO" ponytails.
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Good news! the national equestria treasury now has a higher level of gold stores! YAY!

Bad News! the economy has taken a massive hit due to a sudden decrease in the value of gold! More at 11.
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Well, on another bright side, it could be enough to bring Griffonstone out of the pits.
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11:00 News:

The griffonstone economy has hit a massive boost due to the new gold stores gained by the equestrian government.
However, they soon figured out that the sudden increase in the supply of gold had a dramatic effect on the demand for it, and long story short, we are now at war with Griffonstone. Update on the end of all equestrian kind as we know it tomorrow at 6. I'm Anchorhorse, we're done here.
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Luna is almost like Cat from Red Dwarf: Does not help, does not clean, will have sex with anything (obviously the the last part would only apply to Molestia).

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Dammit Rarity!
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Just the inflation alone from the sudden influx of gold would've messed around pretty badly with the Equestrian economy.
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