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The Royal Duck Faces

The Princesses wanted a night out and well... yeah.

Note: I hate duck faces too, but I thought this would be hilarious.
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And that is how Shining Armor met Princess Cadence.
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Now kiss! I mean, what?
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I don't understand the internet sometimes, or all the times.
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I can just imagine Flurry Heart running across this years from now and just laughing her ass off.
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LOL but what about twilight?
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I Don't Like Twilight So Yeah c:<
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Um, lol?
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This is made of win!
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Your work is AMAZINGNESS. I gotta say, I would favorite ALL of your work, but... Well, there's so much of it... Not in a bad way! 
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Made a Base of it

.:Selfie base #13:. by Princess-Starflok   is it okay if its Not. i will Delete it.
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someone traced your base, but she didn't mean to steal&trace. is it okay? princess-starflok.deviantart.c…
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Umm.. Can i make this into a base?
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Yep... The royals are whores just like in my head cannon!
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It hurts my eyes but it's too damn funny!!
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