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The Empire of Equestria

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My little thing about the Princesses ruling Equestria with an iron fist. You've seen it before in previous pics. Added Cadance and Shining Armor to the mix. I always like my Princesses to kick ass and take names.
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Looks awesome. And I snorted when I noticed that Cadence looks like Peach, while Luna and Celestia's expressions remind me of Zelda from Twilight Princess.
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Yeah, 20þ Century Princesses!
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Celestia: my loyal soldiers, we are facing a threat more grievous and substantial than any other in our history. Many of our towns and cities have been consumed by the Hordes of Ken-Kharr. Our civilization is at stake, our country's existence hanging in the balance. I have never asked this of any of you, for I honor and respect your loyalty and strength of will, your desire to fight for me and Equestria to the end. We must make Canterlot ready for battle. Stand your ground. Find the strength within yourselves. Stand strong and true, noble knights. The hearts of your princesses beat for you.
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bruiser128Student Traditional Artist
This should really be given some serious world building 
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I'm hoping they don't run out of names to take!
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nalmasHobbyist Digital Artist
The power that we are dealing with here is IMMEASURABLE!
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
SKYRIM WILL NEVER FALL HAIL DARK EMBER (my oc and Celestina's ostranged brother
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
Cadence: Are you sure these men are ready, Shining?

Shining: Of course. I've overseen every step of their training personally. These men are the finest the gaurd has to offer.

Luna: For Cadence's sake, I hope you're right. If we do not secure the Crystal Heart and her power before those thrice-cursed insurgents do, they could potentially overturn the entire Crystal Protectorate.

S: *Tightly* One of those 'thrice-cursed insurgents' you're talking about happens to be my sister.

Luna: *Scoffs* You mean your parents didn't disown her when she turned her back on the Empire?

Celestia: That's enough, Luna. Captain Armour, mobilise the men and send word to the airship. We head North within the hour.

*The sisters walk off*

Shining: *To the men* You have your orders. Move out!

*Shining and Cadence are left alone. Shining reaches inside his armour and presses something, causing the crest on his armour to dim slightly*

Cadence: *lays a hand on Shining's arm* How is Twilight?

Shining: Still protecting Ponyville, last I heard. She managed to convince Cloudsdale officials to move the place to make defending both easier. If we weren't feeding her as much intel as we are, it would be a lot worse.

Cadence: *Sighs* Being moles this close to the princesses is a lot of work, but it'll be worth it in the end.

Shining: *Draws Cadence into a brief kiss* I know it will, darling. Now, we have somewhere to be as well.

*The two walk off*
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Gotta say, of the potential stories I've seen in this comment section, yours is the most interesting. So much backstory happening at once, so many sides to take! I'd love to see something like this on Fimfiction.
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
Haha, thank you! Maybe I will take this further in the future, who knows?
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Hope there's a fic based on this
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Freaking awesome!
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Princess Celestia Mad Emoticon.  You are certain? They have Twilight?
Spike (i mean,wait!) PLZ I saw it Princess...they took her...I couldn't...I couldn't stop them...I'm sorry.
Princess Celestia Mad Emoticon. You did all you could, brave dragon...
Cadance (Lazy) Plz Wh...what do we do?
Princess Celetia does not approve Shining Armor!
Shining Armor adorable GIF Your majesty?
Celestia Angry Summon the Equestrian Legions
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I find the lack of firearms disturbing, but well ... let's admit it's a troop-review.
No firearms needed, then. :-)
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Always loved Luna in a uniform......DON'T get the wrong idea.
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What makes you think it's a wrong idea? :-)

Ladies are elegant in uniform too, right?
Whatever one has in mind for what comes afterwards, well ... that can be sfw or not. :-)
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It's never wrong to put princesses in uniform:) (Smile) 
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Of course, it is not. :-)
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Oh is that Shinning Armor? I thought it was Twilight at a quick glance. 

Too distracted by the epic......
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Shining Armor wearing shining armor
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