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That Country Twang

My brain broke when this happened...
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You got to put the " twang on the twang". XD
DankTheWolfHog's avatar everything broke....
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Her mane looks good like that. For the most part.
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(Top Gear Reffrence)
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I think we all threw up a little when we saw this man. 
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Two accents are better than one.
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rarity what happened to you Shake Photo Realistic Fist  Nice art though
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I feel like the real "Country" Rarity would wear braids. And be better at imitating accents. 
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you should do apple gem next
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Rarity's absolute best.
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*Chuckle* Looks great and fun.

It's like there was an alternate-world Rarity who was raised by the Apples after AJ left for the Sophisticated Manehatten lifestyle.

OOh... the patch on her bib-coveralls might even be her new cutiemark.  Depicting her ability to maintain any kind of fabric with durable, high-quality repair work.
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^_^ still my favourite Raarity episode of all time
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The hair is great. The style for rarity dos t suit her glad she went with the fashion sheque thing or whatever. Glad I won't be seeing this again
DinkleHammer's avatar
Great pic though
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we finally have an episode where somepony has a crush on applejack I LOVE IT
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I couldmm phpeek miph an abble im mah mouph.. seriously, i tried... but i failed
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