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Super Happy Fun Times on Bikini Beach 2013

I had a lot more fun with this version. Gotta' love all the different swimsuits.

A couple of notes:

~ Sibsy approved Wildfire there and what top she was going to wear. She always wanted Sleepy Skies in it so there you go.
~ Yes, that's Plank form Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
~ That is Discord is on the kite.

Thanks for all those who watch me draw this on Livestream!
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puglous's avatar
Funny Trixie of all people is in a one piece.
GlamorousTitanic21's avatar
Can you do a zoom-in version?
Blockyblob's avatar
Where's the uncensored version?
ghostbusters5's avatar
Beautiful work as always!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Scottman23's avatar
Wait why is there a giant ass rock behind the tent?
elr79655's avatar
It's Tom, the boulder Rarity thought was a diamond from the Season 2 opener.
Scottman23's avatar
Loving LDs and Spits design :3
MrGasser95's avatar
me: is this the right place? I was supposed to meet a friend here.
Sonork91's avatar
The true meaning of paradise.
spikethehated1's avatar
Like a dream come true
foldabotZ's avatar
Is there a reason Luna is topless?
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Where the party all night. XD
Chaosmilk's avatar
wheres the no swimsuit edition?
Kaeru456's avatar
this drawing is my favorite out of all the new years art that you did :) you girls sure are having a great time! haha ^_^ 
CasanovaGuy01's avatar
Ladies, come here and gimme a smooch~
SakatzuCat's avatar
I can't stop laughing at Tom and Discord Laugh LOL 
meowkitty3000's avatar
sombras jackin off on top of that tent ain't he xD
rinxbon666's avatar
omg i just saw the twilight crab
coolcookie99's avatar
I love it all so much
DashBlitzLove's avatar
Twilight Spider Sparkle (she look like a spider :I)
Chibi Derpy (opny)
Lyra (pony)
tourist fish (I think XD)
perverted rock 
King Sombra, Shining Armor, Spike and Braeburn (others do not I recognize)
Octivia (pony)
Discord... no words.... ._.
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