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Summer Time Pony Fun 04

There's a total of 7-8 pics and it will be a collage like Last Friday Night. A whole summer thing going on. It will take a bit among other things.

Already feels like summer over here.

Note: This is not a Honeymoon vacation. It's just the ponies having fun at some tropical resort.
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They just have a day off from their shooting on making episodes

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shining ajoy the vue!

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Spike is a 🐕
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So adorable. Especially Cadence as shes blushing while dancing.
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Eso es adorable
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Very cute :) Would you be okay with me using this for a party invitation?
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That last note though. LOL,I used to look at this and thought it was some sort of anniversary party or something loll.
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Uhm...... what's shining staring at?
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It looks like Pinkie's teaching Cadance how to hula. Hence Cadance's blushing smile. Rarity may be off-screen at a Hawaiian (or Hay-waiian) spa. :)
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This would be a good episode for season five.:-)
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This is excellent! :D
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I like it how you didn't draw coconut bras on them. acknowledging that that doesn't make sense for female ponies and that they don't have teats the way humans do.
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Whahaha Cadance is a bit drunk here isn't she XD Or maybe I'm just seeing things.
Anyway, I love this artwork a lot! The scene is great, and Pinkie is just... hnnnng! So huggable! Priceless!
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I think she's just blushing.
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Is it possible for me to pay you to do a commission?
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I see that Shining Armor is enjoying the show.
Oh, we're going to the Hukilau.
Guuuuuuurl3's avatar
Oh. I see what you did there Shining.
Very smooth -3-
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Timon: Now this is what I'm talking about Pumbaa my pal.
Pumbaa: I know what's going to happen next Timon.
Timon: LUAU!
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
Woohoo! Dance the luau! X3
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