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Starlight Glitter

So this is the new villain for MLP FiM S5. Couldn't they spruce her up just a little?
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Starlight Glimmer.
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I don't care what the Internet says about you starlight I love you baby :heart:
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i thought it was starlight glimmer
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Simple and clean emotion. Eyebrows lack some strength though.
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her face: soon...
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I just realise something.

Her eyebrow is glitching through her hair.
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that's a common anime thing
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To have eyebrows glitch through your hair?
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Yeah, innit weird?
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Looks smug. I like it.
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Oh, how I've missed your episodic pics so much! It's a shame that your never active anymore...
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I love the picture perfect cool :)
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Isn't it Glimmer?

Art is great, just to add, but I think it is Glimmer lol.
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Got it right in the tags, just not the title
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If they spruced her up too much, then the rest of the ponies would've KNOWN she had no intention of fitting in! (though why they didn't clue in sooner, I've no idea....)
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Those eyes o3o
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Yeah... they do "spruce" her...
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So Communism is now canon
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