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Reading Infinite Skies

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Requested by :iconduplexfields:

Twilight reading Infinite Skies: Poems by Summer Breeze. Never read it myself, but I was told Derpy's in it.
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Anyone got a link to the fic?
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I love when you do your pictures they always shine oh yes and by the way have you ever done anymore drawings other than ponies if so

 they are probably just as great!!Nod :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 


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FallenShadow000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't seem to find this fic anywhere...
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where may i find this fic?
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Tyraka628Hobbyist General Artist
What's Infinite Skies? Another FanFic or FimFic, maybe? And where do I find it?
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Replace Infinite Skies (since I haven't read it, will read later if I can find) with Fallout: Equestria, and you have my reaction many times over along with similar very sad emotions...Epic Fanfiction.
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nenogirlygirlHobbyist Digital Artist
who is derpy is she in the episodes or just made up?
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Zephyter0Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's something of a background pony.

Watch the grey pony in the background of Twilight's Welcome party in episode 1.
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nenogirlygirlHobbyist Digital Artist
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Thanos-sanHobbyist Writer
Could you edit in a link to the poems in question, in case people would like to read them? :P

also, nicely done drawing ^^
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DuplexFieldsHobbyist Writer
There were several interpretations of Derpy in the 4chan/co/ fanon from around February, before the Ponypocalypse and diaspora caused by the overeager mod who 3-day banned anyone on any board using the word "pony" or posting pony images, and before her canon appearance in Feeling Pinkie Keen.

In one short fic, she's a published author of poetry, and this is her book and pseudonym. I hate to say "I've got a fic in the works" because it steals all my momentum, but this image is actually a scene in the fic I've got in the works.
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VaguelyCreepyHobbyist General Artist
Okay, so this is a pic based on a fic that isn't around anymore, so we don't actually know what's in the book (more specifically than "poetry," I mean)?
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DuplexFieldsHobbyist Writer
The original anonymous author didn't give examples of the poetry.
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VaguelyCreepyHobbyist General Artist
And the original fic itself is no longer available?
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DuplexFieldsHobbyist Writer
Well, after a little googling, I found it: Special Derplivery by Chopper's Top Hat. There is a sample of one poem, relevant to the story.

It was posted in those heady early days of the fandom, where fanon flowed wild and free, and fanfic characterizations were all over the place. It made an indelible impression on me, though I hadn't read it since it was posted, so I forgot some of the details. It still holds up as one of the best short fics. (An animator posted anonymously in that thread that each episode took three weeks to animate, and they always felt rushed.)

Seth reposted it on Equestria Daily in January.
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VaguelyCreepyHobbyist General Artist
My, what a poetic description. Nice. =D And thanks for the link. I took a quick look for the story, but the only thing I could find was this very picture and a seemingly random forum comment that....

....upon closer inspection, is exactly what I was looking for.

Well. Imagine my embarassment. :facepalm:

Anyway, you're right: it is a lovely little piece. Thank you again for showing it to me. If your fic is anything like this, I look forward to seeing it!
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Thanos-sanHobbyist Writer
*reads and nods as I start to get it*
Ah, I see.
If you manage to get that fic written, please send me a link =D
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Nicely drawn and who doesn't like to read some poems every now and then hehe.
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kinomonStudent Artist
aww... :heart:
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ZiblinkHobbyist Photographer
It's a good little yarn and an interesting take on Derpy.
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Well if Derpy's in i guess i should read it too XD
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