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Princess Rarity

:iconrahze8: If Rarity was an alicorn...with all the beauty of the world

Long overdue! One more request to go!
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Is she a princess?

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'insert Spike drooling'
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I love the Aphrodite reference.
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princess of FASHION!!!
(Because Princess of FABULOSITY is already taken by Big Mac)
Rarity (laugh) plz : Come closer darlin'..... I'm right here...

W.O.W. This is awesome.
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A wonderful beauty,indeed~!<3
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Celestia of the Sun, Luna of the Moon, Cadence of Love, Twilight of Friendship, Rarity of FABULOUS!
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PLEASEEEEEEE make the rest too.
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why is there a huge shell in the middle of the ocean which rarity is standing on?
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A reference to the Italian painter, Bottelicci.
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Its a reference to the EPIC painting of Aphrodite in a half shell
I think its a refernce to some other pic, but she may have conjured it to show off her beauty. 
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She looks so much like Aphrodite! Awesome!
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We can only dream 
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Beautiful. Darling
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Princess of Fanfictions..

Oh wait, misread my script.

Its.. clop.


Nah. im pretty sure its both.
Clopfics it is.
I think somebody is fantasising again. Hahaha love the art in dis :D 
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