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Princess Fluttershy

:icondolphinbuster: Fluttershy alicorn all Princess'd up, freaking out.
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You read my mind!
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You know, in a way, the Mane 6 are kinda like princesses. Not counting Twilight's title of Princess of Friendship, but with all of them representing the elements of harmony, and spreading their knowledge to other ponies about each of their element.
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Princess of Kindness?
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though i do not have many problems with this piece of art, i feel the hooves are too thin, if you could make them a normal size, then this would be better.
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"Hello, Flutters here! BTW, this is a sneak peek of what might happen to me in Season 9. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. I get promoted to Princess Of Kindness after performing an very important kind act."
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I think this is pretty funny. I love that freaked out look on her face.
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no princess of animal
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princess of trees xD
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Princess of Kindness :) 
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i want this 2 happen
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Fluttershy is so beautiful as a princess! 
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yeah! i always thought the long hair would be good if she was
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Best princess ever
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What happens when she wakes up Alicorn or just Fluttershy just reacting to becoming one?..  Who knows but it's cute and so FS..heh.....
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Fluttershy is the best bet on hoping for ascension to becoming a princess, she's on her way to becoming the next Muhammad Ali'corn!
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If this was real...
Chica's Happy Dance (Chat Icon) 
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