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Princess Celestia and Luna

I just wanted the sisters to hang out. I love beady-eyed Celestia.

It's one of those "caption this!" pictures.
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This is very well done.
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MLP Princess Celestia (Super Cereal) Plz : (surprised) Luna... why are you small again like after your return?

Luna : Well, Sister, it's been a very busy night on dream duty. I intervened in several nightmares of frightened young foals all over Equestria, and a few grownup ponies as well. I think I overextended myself, thus my magic has been greatly weakened.

Celestia smile : I'll ask Mrs. Cozy to make your usual morning coffee, this time flavored with chocolate. After a morning nap your magic should be back at full strength.
Luna: April Foals! I spilled superglue on the balcony!
Celestia: Shit.
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is it nice to see two sisters get a long nicely?
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Luna: ...About those fallen pillars......... Sorry about that
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Luna is surprisingly shorter than celestia.
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Someone stole your art on this community on Google+. If you have anything to say to them you can reply back to this comment and I'll copy and paste it to the post that they posted. 
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%MskgtnjzakgtlnaedrlngrfnSOMEONE STOLE THIS FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!! THERE FUCKING LIARZ!…
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Sorry to say, that this has been stolen.…
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they cannot see the post unless they are a member of the community. I am MC Spirit Wolf from on there
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Luna: So, are you worried I will become bigger than you when my episode airs? What about when yours-OH That's right!
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There is a pillow with this picture on ebay...
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I think Luna just farted...
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Excuse me, someone stole your picture and placed a watermark on it.…
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Love Luna's playful personality here! Very nice pic
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They're pretty cute :)
"You know you're old when your mane style is the same as it was 1000 years ago, sister"
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I love to see them together.

Look at Luna's cute face expression
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Do you know exactly how viral this has gotten? Very, very viral. I see it on almost every pony thread page.
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