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Princess Celestia and Her Cake

Oh Celestia! We saw the look on your face when you saw that cake! At least you got your slice! Mmmmmmmmmm!
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A Speedy Gonzales moment. XD
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Love the composition of her cake
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"Come snack with me Luna. Oh and you better f**king share, sister. I don't wanna bring back my more prettier and pissed off alter ego, Daybreaker to BBQ us, okay?
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Hey John, would it be OK if I used your artwork in a video if I provide your deviantart link in the video description?
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Mmmmmm... cake...
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That doesn't really look like cake, more like a book with a donut on it.
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cake? Cake? CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! ME CAKE:caek: OMG CAKE :caek: OMG CAKE fella's Gobbler (Party) fella's Gobbler (Party) Toy Chica - Do You Want This Cake Toy Chica - Do You Want This Cake Celestia can have cake Celestia can have cake Cake Face Markie (Emoticon Gif) :deliciouscake:Toy Chica - Do You Want This Cake  L wants cake No way No way John Entwistle eating cake John Entwistle eating cake Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD Congrats to Dr-Dash for 80k Subs (NOICE Chat Icon) Why!? - Jontron Chat Icon Toy Chica No Way! Animation #2 Toy Chica No Way! Animation #2Obama eating the Earth (commission) Mako Mankanshoku (Eating) [V1] Sasha Blouse (Eating) [V1] [EXO] Luhan Eating Emoticon Pepero the Kai Way the biggest eater Eating America (Eating Hamburger) [V1] Chica Eating the Cupcake (commission) Kaori Eating Icon Dipper Eating Angry Icon Hazuki Nagisa (Eating Pizza) [V2] Eating Attack On Titan Icon: Sasha Eating Bread YumYum Monstercat Emoticon Kirby Emote - Eating Natsu - eating fire Kofuku Eating Icon Dipper Eats Icecream Hinata Eating Icon Home alone Yato Eating Icon Mashiro Eating Icon Kageyama Eating Icon spike (eat pancake) plz Hinata Eating Icon Have your cake and eat it too emote Kirito Eating Icon [2NE1] CL Nom Nom Danisnotonfire 14 John Entwistle eating cake Oshawott Eating Apple Plz Emotional Eating Miou Eating Icon Fluffle Puff eats paper Pokemon - Pikachu eat Ringo Eating Icon Pinkie pie (eat bad muffin) plz Oikawa Eating Icon *Free Icon/Emote* Ramen Pusheen Llama Emoji-18 (Eating Ramen) [V1] Vincent's toasts factory - Free icon Toy Chica Animation Toy Chica Animation Toy Chica Animation Toy Chica Animation Toy Chica No Way! Animation #2 Toy Chica - Do You Want This Cake XxX Emote :makelove: :SideRape2: :winkwinknudgenudgemint: :4way: :necrohump: :rapeglompy: :unimpressedsex: :hump: :birthdaybang: :blanksome: [EXO] Sexing Emoticon Cheers fella white-wine (party) Cheers fella (party) llamahump Comedy sex Mistake She's a Screamer... :hump: Comedy sex Mistake :sexplz: Sex Sign :3rdWheel: 
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donut not bad nice touch
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Hahaha... Now I remember that particular cake... ;)
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Where's it from?
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It's the MMMM... Or in other words the "Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness". XD
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that lucky cake ;c; 
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the marzipan mascapone meringue MADNESSSSSSSSSSS. Shes lucky she got one piece
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Mmmmm Celestia your so sexy- what?
Dude, she and that cake are together. One does not simply get between Celestia and cake - and live
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CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) cupcake Cake for Shifteh 
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Celestia sharing a moment with the love of her life.
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She really wants to eat that cake... just look at her face... :XD: :XD: :XD:
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