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Pinkie Studies a Gummy

Requested by :iconparallellogic:

Pinkie Pie as Steve Irwin(R.I.P.) studying her pet, Gummy!
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That's real cute the Gummy Hunter I love it nice work.:love:

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Very nice piece of art! Very impressive work! Rest in peace Steve Irwin... You were cool...
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Crikey, mate, that's a pink one! Let's see if we can make her angry! ...
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Hey Pinkie, Twilight broke her Pinkie Promise!
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I love this. This is so cute! X3
Crickey, Mate!
This pony is pink!
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Hahaha classic. :3
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Sadly years ago. At least he died while what he loved doing.
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A LOOONG time ago :(
RIP Irwin, thank you pinkie for help keepin this guy in our hearts! *hugs her tight*
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This eases the pain
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Pinkie (Australian accent): we have a rare baby, gummy gater. These lil' buggers are famous for their toothless mouths, blank stares, and......(Pulls out party cannon)......LOVE OF PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!
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Lol, I read this in an Aussie accent, (coz I'm from Australia why not)
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Good old Pinkie Pie would do this!
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HA...HA...HA...ha...."very loud crying sounds" WHY!!!!!
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Next to Winona (Applejack's dog), Gummy would have to be my second favorite My Little Pony pet.  I love how he is toothless. 
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-remembers the south park reference- uh oh... RUN GUMMY!!!!!
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crikey its a gummy. one of the cutest creatures in the world. one bite and it tickles. (rest in peace Steve Irwin!)
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That guy was my childhood idol.  I cried for a week when I found out he died.
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yah he was great. rip steve.
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