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Outlasting the World

This is a request from the Kallista 3 Charity Livestream event.

The last of us with Rarity and SweetieBelle? or AJ and AppleBloom?
Or RD and Scoots
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"I´ve struggle... a long time with survivin´, and you... No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for. Now, I know that´s not what you want to hear right now, but..."
"Swear to me. Swear to that everything you said about Twilight and the Alicorns is true"
"*sigh*... I swear"
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And I thought my crossover was bad...
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i love this game
fuck off then.
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look at my page please i need someone to look at my stuff :/
otherwise im posting for no reason, and i  might as well just draw LOLZ
but jk you dont have to.. :3
but still just do it.. you have lots of free time :I
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I really like MLP if its stories contain sadness, and a little bit blood or this!
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me too i guess
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*cue The Last of Us main theme*
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OMG YES! Do The Walking Dead next! Either show or game will do.
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Really cool and an other point to buy this game :D
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It's still art though
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uh, isn't joel a man? :(
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Awesome Game equally as Awesome Artwork.
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you should make a comment about this! :D (Big Grin) 
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I haven't had a chance to play that game "The Last of Us", but I've seen and heard enough that it must be a truly emotionally beatiful game, and a great one too. And this image is beautiful!
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If you still haven't purchased it I reccomend you do. In my opinion the best natural acting in any show, movie, and videogame to date. It really sets the tone right out of the gate and does an impressive job at continuing the excitement and so on. Multiplayer is pretty decient too. So yes get this game, only a ps3 and ps4 exclusive so you need one of those to play it.
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interesting xD. I once seen something on Mad Tv called My Little War horse  or something like that lol.
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fav game fav show fav cmc fav pony OMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOMG
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This art is fisrt thing that I saw with ponies!
And after that I started to watch MLP!
Thank you so much! It is amazing!
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