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One Too Many Applejacks

Requested by :iconlocojom:

I know it's ONE pony per brony but, there will be rare exceptions.

Here is a drunk Apple Jack thinking of "stuff" She seems to be a little TOO happy there... You're named after a strong alcoholic drink!
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this aged really well

Bartender: Uhhh, Lady? You alright? You're staring at me like you want to f*** me or something...

Twilight Sparkle: WHAT? NO, my friend is just drunk that all.

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How did I get here
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Shipping hehehe.
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These comments are f(yay)ing magical!
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Whose a silly pony :P but really its either that or hard cider she is drunk off of.
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"Umm... don't worry Rainbow. I'll just levitate her home."

"You can't be serious, Twilight! This is solid gold! Let me carry her home!"

"Rainbow Dash! She's said nothing but the most vulgar, debasing, sexual things about you since her sixth cider!"

"I know! Isn't it great!"

"Come again?"

"Now I can hold this over her head the rest of our lives! Who knows what else she's gonna say next!"

*Twi watching them depart*

"Those two need couple's counseling..."

Twilight Sparkle: now look rainbow, i- ( before twilight can continue, rainbow just grab applejack and left. ) that feather brain.

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"hey Apple Jack, what do you want to do to RD?
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It's tricky though, 'cause if you get her on her period, and give AJ a couple shots of sparkling cider, it turns into, "Let me tell YOU something about YOU that YOU don't know!"

And Rainbow's all, "I'm all ears, Thunderbutt."  Bored 
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Dude I just love all of ur art so much <3
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Go home applejack your drunk
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i really like the eyes :D
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Someone stole this: [link]
They also stole another one of your pictures (click browse when viewing their gallery). They've stolen not just your work, but many other artworks by other users.
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I based a story off of this picture and I put you as the source. I hope you don't mind! It's had a pretty good reception if you'd like to take a look: [link]
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Haven't we all been there?
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Nah Applejack is just dreaming how comfy it would be to sleep on a cloud bed like Rainbow Dash
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^^ To the gates of Tartarus with this... garbage.
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You talking about the art or my excellent analyzing deduction on what is happening in said artwork?
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