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Nurse Luna to the Rescue

:iconcommanderhavoc: - How about Princess Luna taking care of Celestia who's come down with a really bad case of the flu?

Here Luna has been giving Celestia, plushies, so she can feel better.

"Here comes the choo choo train! Choo! Choooo!" ~ Luna
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Questions of why Celestia has a Twilight Sparkle plushy aside, this is cute.
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It's kinda weird she has a plush toy of her student and mother
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lol I just noticed that
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Maybe That Could Be A Reference 2 The Princess Molestia Thing From Tumblr But i Could Be Wrong
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This is beautiful and adorable, thank you!
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That's an alarming amount of plushies
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Awww!!! ^^ this reminds me when my sister got sick and I took care of her. So many funny memories!  
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Daaaaaaamn this is so cuuuute!!! <3
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princess Luna : Tut tut, Sister! Refrain thou not from this hearty broccoli and carrot soup we hath made to aid in thy recovery from the alicorn flu.

Princess Celetia does not approve : (groaning) Ugh... this smells repulsive.

Princess Luna (hmm...) plz : May we suggest, our sister, that thou pretend it is thy favorite cake and devour it in thy usual manner.

Princess Celetia does not approve : Luna, will you knock it off with the teasing and the Royal Canterlot Voice?

Princess Luna (hmm...) plz : Well, Sister, if you got your alicorn flu shot like Raven Inkwell constantly reminded you to, there would have been no need for me to play nurse and tend to your recovery. (arches eyebrow) I am quite sure you always got your shots while I was away on the moon, correct?

Princess Celetia does not approve : (slurps her soup) I forgot. I was going to get it but then the Queen Chrysalis returned and the Changelings kidnapped us.

Princess Luna (hmm...) plz : (fake high-society laugh) Ha ha ha. Excuses, excuses. And you really hate tea, too.

Celestia hates Luna : I LOVE tea, Luna! And you know it! Stop trolling me with that fan fiction story! (sneezes) I adore that magic honey lemon tea that's bringing down my fever!

princess Luna : Just finish your soup, Sister. We shall end our return to the Royal Canterlot Voice, which we love, after thou maketh a full recovery. And we just so love saying "Thou".
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Personally, I resent that story not for the message, but how it was delivered. I like how Celestia was given more depth to her character, in that she didn't like tea as much as everypony else thought. However, I don't think that she would outright HATE it, either. I'm sure there are other drinks that she's fond of. 
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Why, thank you! Princess Luna Happy Emoticon.
I love creating cute stories and dialogs of MLP fan art that I think is cute, upbeat and in the spirit of the TV show.
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Okay… now do a human one.
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Awwwwwwwww this is so cute! I like the fact that Luna is taking care of her OLDER sister.
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I think I see broccoli in that soup, which explains the smell. Add a carrot and it just gets worse.
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Celestia doesn't seem to share her sister's enthusiasm about this whole nurse act. ^^
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Luna..... Did you make the Twilight plushie 0•0
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Oh my gosh, this is super adorable!!!!! I love it, and great job on the details! ^_^
"You know you don't have to wear that outfit, Luna." pointed out Celestia, muzzle scrunching up at the smell of the soup. "No. But it amuses me." said the Lunar diarch simply. "Now open your mouth."
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"Luna take that silly outfit off right now!" Celestia ordered scrunching at the taste of her soup.
"No way sister!" Luna said with a smile, "Now eat your soup, or no more stuffy wuffies!"
"Luna, we are not fillies anymore!" Celestia shouted.
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