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North Star Dwells Page 03

So here is Page 03

Remember folks! It's all fan-made. Not canon!

Last and final page coming soon... I do know how it ends, but I wonder if I should make an alternate ending.

Scratch that!!!!! - There will be 5th and final page.

Page 4 [link]

Note: First time I ever drew Lyra.
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My Celestia! Lyra, what are you doing?
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Your Derpy is insanely cute. Lyra popping in with the patented Lyra smile is almost better! 
Faraxx33's avatar
"Good muffin" D'awwww!
JNinelives's avatar
This may be my favourite comic with Derpy in it for that reason XD
Sheat101's avatar
Twenty-Two22's avatar
Awwwww, Derpy's so adorable. =3
Sbstrollerpadawan's avatar
Oh and adorable Derpy
vanamo9's avatar
good muffin... ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
COLUMBINE15NZ's avatar
Hmmm...she thinks she's going mad. For the past couple of pages I've marvelled at how much she looks like Screwball. Coincidence...?
wolvesandcrosses's avatar
When I first arrived in ponyville I said "Bro something is wrong with the computer it is sucking all the bronies on earth into equestria.We need to stop this somehow." Bro said "Why this is pretty cool" at wich I reply "Fool!!! Dont you see the damage that could be done?"
FriendshipIsRarity's avatar
wolvesandcrosses's avatar
Not really.But that would be an awsome fanfic I would probably wright.
MasterAnimash1996's avatar
Derpy and her Muffins! You can't pull them apart!
guroRinny's avatar
Actually,if i were anypony I'd be at Sugarcube Corner.~Pinkie Pie
Giovannino357's avatar
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lol "good muffin" :love:
Wolfking164's avatar
Gotta say, nice job ^__^ I likes. FAVORITE TIME!
GreenRandomAndHappy's avatar
Derpy's hair reminds me of Italy's! xD
ZzVinniezZ's avatar
saw Lyra and Bon Bon
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