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North Star Dwells Page 02

And so here is page 02. The maid pony is made up... LOL

We have Cherry / Cherries Jubilee in the 3rd panel and Pink Pearl / Cotton Candy in the 4th panel.

Remember folks! It's all fan-made. Not canon!

You can check out Page 03 [link]
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you sure? she looks an awfull lot like AJ
HisBestFantasyEverXD's avatar
Awww, blushing ponies are my favorite ones.
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
You want me to do WHAT to your butt!?

If I laugh any harder I'm going to go into a coma.
Happybunns's avatar
"You want me to do WHAT to your but?" lol.
039520's avatar
well this is just ridiculous... I love it!
pedobear23's avatar
may i moterboat that plot [link]
pedobear23's avatar
ignore that one ment to do this
fatalqueef's avatar
This is too hilarious xD
garciarael's avatar
I see Cherry Berry.
guroRinny's avatar
You'll find her,hee hee!
Artgirl513's avatar
Why did some try?!
lainwiththedevil's avatar
"You want me to do WHAT to your butt?!" That panel alone needs to be cropped and placed somewhere by itself, where all can appreciate its....I have no idea.
Team-Friction's avatar
Silence! I concur.
ACEnBEAKY's avatar
That maid pony is very pretty.
IDK-youTellMe's avatar
Butt-rubing addicted. What the fuck.
Apollo9000's avatar
No I've seen everything.
IDK-youTellMe's avatar
Apollo9000's avatar
You've seen double everything?! Double viewing all the way!
IDK-youTellMe's avatar
What does this mean???
gumgum-san's avatar
a butt-bump Cinderella?

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