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Night at the Trot-In

Commissioned for :iconatomicgreymon:

"Set not too long after the events of 'Sonic Rainboom', Rainbow decides to take Pinkie to see a movie at Ponyville's outdoor theatre to celebrate. Still under the influence of Twilight's cloud walking spell, Pinkie is able to enjoy the show from the seating normally only accessible to Pegasi."
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You're watching My Little Pony: A Colon Movie Film For Theaters.
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READ THE DESCRIPTION! This happened shortly after “Sonic Rainboom”. Pinkie is still under the spell’s influence
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This is so cute plus I love the idea of a Trot-In. <3
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:o (Eek) Wait... how is Pinkie on the... No, I disagree! it's just Pinkie being Pinkie. Pinkie Pie #2 pinkie pie 
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Read the description
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The description wasn't there when I commented. I always look in the description before I comment. Shrug *looks at other comments* I guess I forgot to look after all... Sweating a little... Oops.
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It's fine,I do that sometimes.
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They look like they're having fun! ;D
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I ship these two X3
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How is Pinkie on the cloud?
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OMG!!! This looks so amazing and incredible!!! Looove it!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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is that a color version of the opening to the Aqua teen movie???
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*reads the comments* i want to watch these movies...
I remember seeing something similar to what's on the screen in a show on G4 called Websoup.
It had a song with it that went:
"The Lobby is where we're going,"
"The Lobby is where we're going,"
"The Lobby is where we're going,"
"To kick John in the junk!"
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how is pinkie pie sitting on a cloud
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Because she's pinkie pie. Your argument is invalid!
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your logic is correct
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This week at the Ponyvill Trot-In is a very special week for fillies, colts, mares and stallions! Three days for the kids and four days for the grown-ups!

For the Kids...
MONDAY MELODIES: Pinkie the Pooh (rated G)
TUESDAY TURBOCHARGER: Seaponies: The Lost Kingdom (rated PG)
WEDNESDAY WACKINESS: Disharmonious Me 2 world premiere (rated PG)

And for the adults....
FRIDAY FUNNIES: Celestia Ha (rated R)
SATURDAY SUPERIORITY: Opal the Cat (rated R)
SUNDAY SURPRISE: El Castle Arca (rated R)
You know, with all that Pinkie's having, I would not want to be in the same building as her later that night. Popcorn, HDs, Candy, AND Jalapeno Cheese Fries? Good lord. Don't light a match!
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