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Morning Trixie

Morning Trixie! Early morning Edition! 2:38am here!

"Who disturbs the great and powerf- Ah shut the door will ya!?"

Notel I spend like less than 20 minutes on each on these morning pictures.
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Trixie sleeps with herself
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can i make this a base?
oh, it's so adorable, i wand one of the real, the plushie and the photo Heart Heart Heart 
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Good morning, Trixie!
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Trixie EqG (a great the power full trixie) plz go away. who dares interupt this great and powerful 70 nova ss dream?
PONYIX's avatar
her hair is nicer this way :D
EireBrony's avatar
narcissistic much? it would be cuter if those were twilight pics
I like her bedhead mane more.
(Makes her look like more of a wizard.)
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Trixie Looks Cute And beautiful. AS ALWAYS <3
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I am sure she has a hangover because she alcoholic, id never drink personally, as a good catholic man as anyone should be. And Trixie is a sinner,  she's pride, greedy and lust.
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She looks so beautiful with a messy mane!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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I don't think Trixie is self-obsessed. I think the whole 'great and powerful' title is just a facade she uses to mask her deep and troubled past. I really want her to appear in season 4!
SolidSpy24's avatar
She didn't >:3
ShadowStartheamazing's avatar
I know, she is one of my fave ponies because we know so little about her past-and I love her design. Who knows what's under that wizard hat?
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I know this is old but dude I love the icon XD it's like "Meh fuck this"
HighRollerHydra's avatar
Then she looks at my OC and feels better.
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Good morning Trixie!
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The Great and Powerful Trixie needs more SLEEP!!!
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I think trixie is related to screwloose and shoeshine
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<font><font class="">i love trixie :icontrixieponyplz:</font></font>
woodensamanthaice101's avatar
she's self obsessed 
alexwarlorn's avatar
Yes she's a selfish liar. And she is so hungry for love that she turns inward. 
darkskull38's avatar
I would do the impossible just to cuddle with her while we drift to sleep.
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