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Morning Lyra

Booty bump

Lyra became the 666th Deviation
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lyra: awwwwwwww it was just a dream. i wanted hands!
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When u fall out of bed:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF
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good morning gold ranger
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this is the fisrt day of lyra and bon bon who sleep togeter!
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Lyra:Huh, I seem to have fallen. SSHHHHIIIIII---
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Need some help?Heart 
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It's gonna be one of those days, I see.
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lyra is satan confirmed
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lyracifer will murder yous
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Sad Lyra Heartstrings Emotion < b... but...


Lyra Emote 50x50 
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anton fillyvey hail lyra
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another one: lyra's favrite old car - 70 vega (get?)

VEGA'S star found with LYRA constelation
GermanIdolGod's avatar
That's the best car joke I've heard in a long time. :lol:

So that means the Vega a pony car now?
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another one: celestia drives celicas


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I love the sketch style, Great work~
PinkyPie25800's avatar
HA! That's me on a daily basis!!

Except I don't need anyone to bump me out of the bed....
CrystalCritic's avatar

I don't know,but I'm also thinking of the upside down star as well now that this has been brought up. Now I'm going to be researching ancient religious bullshit now aren't i?
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devil number of deviations
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thats how i wake up when i hear my cousin scream ( he isn't dying or hur he just yells for food or whatever)
so i fall out of my bed, once my sister catched m, it was amazing how fast she reacted... XD
XxZomBloxxorxX's avatar
Siwwy Lywa! cx Good morning, cutie. Your ponies are always so cute! <3
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what happened to you lyra
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