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Morning AJ

Good morning and Happy Labor Day!

Btw. I'm trying to see if I can do a Morning pony for each day so the art quality won't be that great.
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Could you do one of Lightning Dust?
IcestarFireClan's avatar
I love AJ with her hair down! You're style is amazing!
ZeloTag's avatar
Me too, also the hair do's she had at hte gala's and such were cool
IcestarFireClan's avatar
Iridescence99's avatar
Aaw love the style!
odnamra11's avatar
She looks like a famous singer.
Purplepenguin888's avatar
I just woke up so....MORIN AJ
TheDrSmiley's avatar
Mornin Sugarcube^^
TobiIsABunny's avatar
Good morning sugarcube
MLP-Rarity123's avatar
Awesome could you do a Rarity one
PonyMonster2136's avatar
I have wanted to apples!
PegasusWingsStudio's avatar
This is how I wake up on school days. UGHH..
wingzero061's avatar
are u just as cute and wovable
1Mind4Hearts's avatar
these are so cool did you make one of Twilight Sparkle? if not, could you?
Nice bed hair.
Sparrow9612's avatar
The last thing the camera guy ever saw was an orange blur flying at him through the lense. :iconbeatdownplz:
Jeriih's avatar
Her hair looks gorgeous like that <3
WickeDanneh's avatar
She rested her whole darn heart.
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morning Apple Jack
SpyroJyro's avatar
In the context of this shot. Who are we, and why are we watching AJ wake up?
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