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Monkeys and Peaches

I was watching Salty Bets and saw Son Son in there a couple times. Always loved that character.
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She's so cute! I really liking her hands and feet here.
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ever see the story of Momotaro?
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My favorite and best character in Marvel vs Capcom 2! Any character based on Sun Wukong is an instant fav for me. =P You did her justice, John. Good job.
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"Any character based on Sun Wukong"

Does Son Goku from Dragon Ball count?

(He would actually be looking like this if he didn't go through all those redesigns to the Son Goku we all know today. Well, not the girl part of course, but this is pretty much it)
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Him too of course! :D There's even a Pokemon based on him, a Megaman character, and even a Medabot. 

And yeah, I read about how Goku was pretty much gonna look exactly like the Monkey King.
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POKEMON?????!!!! WHICH ONE??? O3O;

Megaman too? Hrm, link that to me if you can!
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Yup, from the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Pokemon games, the fire starter's final evolution is called Infernape. It's a monkey of course. And in a Sega Genesis game, "Mega man: The Wily Wars" has a robot master named Buster Rod G, who's based on Sun Wukong.…
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oh my fucking god.........I HAVE PEARL AND PLATINUM!!! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE?! -headdesks- And I am VERY into pokemon! 

Thank you though~!!

Ooh~ I am just getting into Mega Man, so that helps! (also, wouldn't it have been better if Buster was name "Wukong Man" or "SunSun Man"?)
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XD Yeah at first even I didn't notice when gen 4 first came out. And you're welcome. :)

lol I guess they figured Buster Rod was good enough since Sun Wukong uses a rod as a weapon. =P
a cute female wukong you say?
cool :D it is kinda disturbing on MVC 2 XD but she's cute anyway :B anyway, where is she from? which game?
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The Password is Key-Mon.
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The clues are "Key" and "Mon"?
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Well, I heard those kids saying it was "Key"... Yeah, I thought it was "Mon"!
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Riku: MONKEY!!!!!!
Spoony: AAAAARGGGH!!!!!!!
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No, not those Monkeys.
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im referencing spoony's review
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I totally love this image John. I take it you've played MvC2 ? ;) Which version do you have ?
I would love to see you do all the other 51 characters in MvC2. 
Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash 
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Monkies are so cute!!
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What's Salty Bets & Son Son? 
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