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Mane 6 vs The Changelings

This is for :iconfuzzyypanda:

"If it's no trouble, I would love to see a picture of Twilight (and maybe her friends) fighting back Changelings in Canterlot! I'm practicing at the moment on my Changeling-drawing skills and it would mean so much to me coming from my biggest inspiration! X3 (P.s. If it's too much trouble, then it's okay! :))"

I hope you like it!
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rw:I would definitely fight along side the mane 6 (of course this was before the changleings were all reformed) against the changelings no matter what!

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This whole scene was complete horse shit. Six teenage girls vs an entire army of trained soldiers. Yeah, that has to be the work of a feminist mind. BTW I love changelings more than the ponies.
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Sir this isn't RWBY. 
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I noticed Pinkie at my first sight...
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"To show our kids that no one ever dies in a cartoon fight, they just show them convulsing in pain"
EWW A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
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Rarity's face doe.... LOL
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lol flutters doing the stare XD
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Hmm... Monster threat? Time to call in Gypsy Danger.
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Rd''s all scout here: I'M GONNA HEADBUTT YA!!  I'M GONNA HEADBUTT YA!!
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the animal comes alive 
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Rarikick is Back
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I think its funny how only a few changelings want to fight. The rest are as scared as Hell
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my little pony
fighting is magic..
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Could I use this picture for a music Video of a song im working on? And also use a lowres snapshot so I can submit my song to groups etc? I know It's alot im asking for :/ Of course I'd give total creditz for the picture to you with a link back to your DA page.
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I love pinkie in this artwork XD
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Check out Rarity kicking some major Changeling tail!!!
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A scene from S02E26 of the show,right?
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