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M.A. Crabson

I saw M. A. Larson's Twitter avatar was his face on a crab... well I had to draw it... Ah! Don't hurt me Mr. Larson!
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Thanks MA Crabson.
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I laughed my but off!
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Arin? From Game Grumps? xD
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i thought that was egoraptor 
I'm not sure how to describe what I feel right now. 
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Kill it with super hot fire.
Go get him Rarity!
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The picture looks like Arin from GameGrumps :D
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I don't know what to say about this...  I just put it into my favorites bin, and I don't know why!
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I have no words... It's just... too beautiful! [sheds single tear]
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Crab People

Crab People

taste like crabs

talk like people
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Damn it Crabson!
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Well... that's a thing
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It almost looks like Bam Margera
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Why do people hate on Larson?  Sure, he's the one who wrote MMC and Alicorn Twilight, but it's the fans who really blew it out of proportion.  
Agreed Larson Is a good writer
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