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Luz and Eda

I saw the first episode of Owl House. It's quite funny and entertaning.  I wanted do my take on Luz. I'm totally reminded of Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo whenever I saw Eda. I like that Luz creates AMVs haha.
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I started watching the show and I'm loving it. I cannot wait for the season finale.

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The girl in the background looks like Jessie from Pokemon lol gj tho ^^

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This looks incredible.
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Nice improvement, bro. 👍
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Cute and enigmatic, cool.
Looks like a Manga Cover.

se ve linda uwu <3

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i love dark-skinned girls <3
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Very nice job with your first Owl House art ;)
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I haven't seen this, so all I've got to go on is the way she looks, and she reminds me of Scootaloo for some reason.

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Short haired tomboy, I'm guessing.  But you're right, and it works well.
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Something about the facial expression as well. There's something about the eyes in addition to the short dark hair.

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Very devil-may-care, yes.  Fits them both well.
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It was pretty good, not gonna lie
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I'd love to see Anne from Amphibia in your style.

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she looks like victor from "Victor and Valentino"
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Victor is Male! Troglodite
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i know

she just reminds me of victor
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eeyup, they both look alike
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