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Luna Effect 3

To celebrate Mass Effect 3.... curse you day 1 dlc! Luna is best pony in the Citadel.

Everything was done via Cintiq except for the logo and fonts.

Special thanks to :iconshivanking: for pointing out the ME fonts here [link]

Thank you too, :iconmirk217:
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I thought Shepard will be better than this....... Hard Games suits Hard Men! But Luna is more suitable than Asarian, great looking!!
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So Luna is WAY better then Shepard? This pic is just AWESOME! Luna looks amazing in Mass Effect armor! Now I want to play the game again LOL
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I asked permission to take this shirt thread.
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I'd like a version of this with Borderlands 2 or the pre-sequel
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You are my favorite artist I love your work.
If I'd seen this before I heard about MLP, I would've just been a Brony.  I love Mass Effect, despite it's terrible endings.  Headcanon retconed those.

Oh,  and Commander Luna is best pony.  If Mass Effect 4 was just Mass Effect 3 with a Luna character model I wouldn't even complain.
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You can fight like a changeling,
Run like a puma,
But you'll never be better than Commander Luna.
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Now THAT is one awesome comment.
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I miss Gamer Luna T__T. And that game still piss me off.
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I not sure but I think it's back up.
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Does anypony else think that Luna looks hot in uniform?
ME3 is an absolutely amazing game. But then. That ENDING. Guh. I wonder what Luna's reaction was when she saw the ending?
Mass Effect 3 had a great ending

Luna: TIS A LIE!!!
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Luna + Mass Effect = :la:
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I think this drawing might be responsible for turning my husband into a brony.
After she was done playing ME3 she asked her sis to banish whoever was responsible for the ending beyond the Omega 4 Relay.
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This. This is epic. Very epic.
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Dam you! This presents me with a problem: Do I :+fav: this into the mass effect folder, or the MLP folder? :?
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for once I'd like to see ME fan art not be butchered by this MLP bullshit...
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