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Let's Get LOUDER

And thus... they cemented their fate to the Moon... Yes, even Pinkie Pie. Well not really, but still...

This coincides with the previous pic: Celestia in No Mood for Songs [link]

Since people seem to ask: Pony King serves veggie burgers.
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This is genuinely my favorite piece of artwork ever <3

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😊young Luna *and* Derpy! My two fave ponies! Thank you!
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I want batman draw batman pony smashing tvs thanks if you do this XD
I want more derpy and luna
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Twilight Sparkle (what!) plz i want pony king 
GIF My Little Pony - Smile im deprived 
twilight sparkle (smile evil) plz come join the deprived elments of harmoney
Rainbow Dash (Worried) Plz Rd slap Icon Rainbow Dash (Scared) Plz  hell no
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(Japanese for cute)
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This is epic. I love it!! :D
The "Pony" "Pony King" XD (laughs)
I bet they are doing a karaoke song called "The Smile Song" by Pinkie Pie.
Uh, everypony, if she is speaking to ponies, don't giver her a microphone. She can speak LOUD and CLEAR. :)
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lol XD pony instead of sony
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My 3 fav ponies all in one pic...

(Fav pony& background; Derpy, Fav Princess; Luna, Fav Mane 6; P.P.)
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You've got a fair few pony pictures being resold on ebay as pillows, here's another one!…
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The Bass has been doubled 
Luna sings Who Wants To Live Forever by queen
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Sony = pony. WORDPLAY
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can i steal some fries??
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Love it. I use a lot of ur art for wallpaper
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