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Leona! Help!

I wanted to know who I could Rule 63'ed and someone suggeste4d Leon. This is what I came up with. Leona, Ashton, and Luisa!
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execute order 34

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bien, ahora esto esta en mi cabeza, no podre sacarlo durante mucho tiempo....

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I would love to play Re4 again.

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And she's packing HEAT!!!! :D....also an impressive auto pistol with laser sight!:giggle: I guess with all the RE mods going on now this will be the next one to happen! Nicely done Mr. Joseco! :clap:

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looks like ashley still is more of a problem and gameplay challenge than useful companion

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Sexy and funny RE4 in r63!

nice draw nwn

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Love it! What a fun Rule63.

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I want to think Adam sounds like Honey Haninozuka, but I get the feeling he sounds like Wesley Crusher.

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Genderbent Leon Kennedy? I like it. Why not try R63 Chris Redfield aka Christine Redfield with the boulder punching.

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Omg better don´t try to imagine how Ramona Salazar looks like

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Your right hand comes off?

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Leona is giving me Lara vibes.

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Whos the lady in the background?

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Luis, i mean Luisa, a temporary ally in RE4 ^^

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Well Luisa has a huge rack, damn

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Good design for her ^^

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Luisa looks like Elena Harper. ^^ Leona is sooooo cute. ^^

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Ashton is cute.

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Now you gotta do the entire Resident Evil cast XD

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Ramona Salazar, Osmina Saddler and Victoria Mendez

Oh, and Jaqueline Krauser

ViktorMatiesen's avatar

I also meant the main characters from the other main games, from Zero to Village

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But what is Ashton armed with now?

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