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Last Friday Night

I been working on this for the past 4 days.

If you ever heard of Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, then you what this is all about.

Each picture is a line of lyrics. The lyrics are not in order.

- From the top left to the right

1. And we took too many shots
2. There's a hickie or a bruise
3. Skinny dipping in the dark

- Middle left to right

1. With my favorite party dress
2. Warrants out for my arrest
3. Think we kissed but I forgot
4. DJ's passed out in the yard

- Bottom left to right

1. We went streaking in the park
2. Yeah we danced on tabletops
3. Then had a menage a trois (LOL)
4. Chandelier is on the floor

Obiviously I didn't draw every picture associated with the lyrics.

I had this idea in my head before San Diego Comic Con. Had to wait til I got back. It was like

doing 11 pin-ups in a row. Each pic is 4x6 inches.


P.S.: I will eventually upload the individual pieces soon.
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I don’t think I saw “party dress,” “warrant,” or “chandelier” in the video using these.

It was a grand video. It actually felt like a Gala afterparty playing out.

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HAHA XD can I make an epic story to this?! XD
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Sweetie Belle (giggling) I'm assuming this is the afterparty of the Grand Galloping Gala.
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Twiley and Celes gettin drunk
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welp everypony is drunk as hell. XD Request duo Icon Sans (with Grillby) Drunk Cheers fella (party) Drunk Mike Drunk Mario EXO : Dancing Unicorn :drunkmike: Drunk Smile Icon (1) Drunk Smile Icon (2) :DrunkBummy: Derp Mario Icon 
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it's been 3 years since I became a brony and this still gives me those feelings I felt back then.
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can i make base of the picture that twilight is sleepin with trixie and pinkie? 
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menage a trois xD

i know what it mea, to good
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Dammit Cheese Sandwhich 
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Absolutely love this!
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please i love it eespero pronto las subas todas.
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Un video me trajo aqui y se lo gradesco mucho exelentes imagenes
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Please make more picturees related to songs!
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It's actually " I ripped my favorite party dress" not "with my favorite party dress". No offense.
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can i use this for my PMV? i'm gonna do: "pictures of last night ended up online" there i'm gonna use a screen capture and capture when i click on this image xD
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