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It's Summer 2018!

Oh it's the first day of summer! An excuse one of my favorite princesses.
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Cuuuuuuuuuuuute. ^^

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Your Celly is the best!
The way this perspective show Celestia is as if it was from young Twilight's point of view when she was waaaay smaller than her mentor.
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Considering the heat wave in Europe I would love to see like a second part to this - Celestia suffering from that heat wave and being like...

"Enough summer... Enough summer..."

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in just europe, you say?

-from canada, with love
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Heh, excellent. 
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You're such an awesome artist! I really look up to you.
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Stop with these fucking ponies John seriusly
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Elegant, beautiful, and awesome Princess of the Sun. It is always a sunny day when Celestia arrives!!
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Yes, it is! Too bad my vacation is already over. :XD:
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Celestia hates Luna  -DO NOT F**K WITH ME, LUNA!
Think gay 
 MLP Princess Luna (Super Cereal) Plz
Think Scat 
Princess Celetia does not approve   
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YES, Princess Sunbutt! :iconohyoudogplz: 
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It's Steam summer sell!!!
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It's Steam Summer Sale!
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Unfortunately it's way too hot out there most of the time
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Happy Celly is Best Celly!
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Good for you considering it's winter in Australia...
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I wish it was. xD Right now it's the opposite of Summer here. It's feeling a lot more like Winter~

Nevertheless. Excellent work. ^w^
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