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Isn't She From Fortnite?


P.S. Yes I know where she's truely from.
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Demosthenes-101's avatar

Isn't she lovely....Isn't she wonderful! :sing:

Ratwo619's avatar

By the way. When Ryu and Chun Li revealed in the trailer that they already in Fortnite why have you drawn it earlier?

FireOphan's avatar

She has an amazing booty!:love:

Advent3546's avatar

Chun-Li got dem thighs!

Ratwo619's avatar

Well in my defence she is actually a Fortnite character skin. So is Ryu.

And speaking of Fortnite. If you are plannig draw something Fortnite related then why haven't try drawing LeBron? He is officially a skin and has the Toon Squad outfit

MVP. Champion. Gold Medalist. LeBron James brings his legacy to Fortnite’s Icon Series.

Y'all ready for this? The King himself, LeBron James is now available in the Item Shop! Grab the LeBron James Outfit which includes the King's Back Bling. Also available is the Tune Squad LeBron Outfit which includes the LeBron's Taco Tuesday style Variant.

But I know you are not a fan to drawing him because you are not in to NBA

ares12's avatar

"Isn't she From Fortnite?"

So this must be what being a Boomer feels like.

NahxsTheEnd's avatar

ugh, first time I saw that meme I face palmed so hard

SpartanElite30's avatar

How to give gamers over 20 a heart attack with 1 question.

RustyRaccoon's avatar

She's one of the Androids from Detroit: Become Human. She's becomes Deviant early on, hence her pic on this site.

SonGoharotto's avatar

No, she's from Mortal Kombat -- but they forgot to put her in the movie!

DestinyDecade's avatar

no. She is from Street Fighter alpha. Nice work.

agh5eventh's avatar

Sexy and cool nwn

Crimson-Kaizer's avatar

"Isn't She From Fortnite?"

Unfortunately, I must kill you.

Gorgeously sexy and cute ass indeed

Matt-Flame's avatar

"from Fortnite"

. . . i knew this day would come . . .

im sorry old friend . . .

ImperfectXIII's avatar

I thought she was from Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid? The Blue Phoenix Ranger?

Looks like she's gonna have to take your life twice!!!!

Brony17's avatar

Fornite? How dare you, she's OBVIOUSLY from Tekken!

This drawing just screams "NSFW version on my Patreon". Even if there isn't, I kinda want one.

gameboysage's avatar

Everyone knows that beloved Mortal Kombat character :D

JohnFlaherty's avatar

"P.S. Yes I know where she's truely from."

Of course I do!

She's from Art of Fighting!

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