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I'm a Celestial Star

Celestia should star in everything!
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.:Find the Magic:. (EqG Shorts)

You're a star and you should know it, yes you rise above the rest....

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I love that wing pose.
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She is a literal superstar!
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Didn't the Terminator wear those glasses at some point?
strongbad-joe132's avatar
He did. For reason I don't know of because I never watched any of the Terminator movies.
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They came with the first outfit the Terminator steals. They were discarded as soon as he found better shades.

CurtisWildcat's avatar
That's okay; neither have I. :lol: I've seen short video clips of it, but that's it.
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Lookin' good, Tia!
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Hello, Celly and Happy Borthday!
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Love the sunglasses. :D
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I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity Any girl who isn't me tonight.

I couldn't resist! :D
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What song is this?
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Originally from the musical, later film 'West Side Story'… (note, the lyrics were changed for the film version). However, my personal favourite version was from...…
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Tu la dibujas tan bella, bueno, es que ella es Bella hahahaha
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Celestia is bae 
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I agree. She should be the new Han solo
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Och this is a true Celestia.
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