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I Like Her Mane

By johnjoseco
Sippin' some hot chocolate.
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cool can I use some of in a video of mlp pics ill say you made it this is so beutiful
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mmm I"m having some hot cocoa right now, and I'd loooove to have a Raartiy mug.. ^_^   Poor darling drinking with a straw though, it must be too hot, the straw helps drink slower to cool it down..  She does have magic to drink it faster but if it's too hot I hate getting my mouth burnt.. Not worth it over the best tasting mint cocoa drink. :3
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johnjoseco, this page on facebook made a base of your image without your permission:…
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Rarity would look better with that mane. Nice drawing 
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:O very very awesome!!!
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WHO DRINKS hot chocolate with a straw -APPARANTLY RARITY DOES
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This is so freakin awesome, seriously! One thing that bothers me is sipper. When you look at miniature it looks like she's smoking... So maybe another color would do the trick?
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Yes very classy mane !
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Pardon me, but aren't Rarity's eyes blue?
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Can I Use It As a Profile Photo?, Its Because Its So Beautiful!, I'll Give Credit On my Profile, Also Great Work! :D (Big Grin)   
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I really like her MANE!(squeak)
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Cause dat's one sexy mane!~
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now this is not a bad thing i'm about to say don't get me wrong this looks cool,
but i seen hair styles like this manytimes before, but hey that's just my
Beautifully done! I really really love the eyes! The hot chocolate steam wisp is very cool, and of course love the mane! :wow: :love:
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i thought i was the only one who drank coffee with a straw. IM NOT A LONER!!!
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I like her mane too! So lovely!
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How can she use straw in hot chocolate?

Adorable + pretty, btw!
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