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I Have to Tell You Something...

Now that Samus and Shantae are friends... What is Samus saying?

This was one of those quick Twitter requests. Not taking my time on it.
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"Don't let Bayonetta out dance you."

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"TMI, Samus..."
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Samus: "I think Lucas is the cutest boy in the world."

Shantae: "Erm...what?"
A-New-Recipeh's avatar
"You're not the only one with hips that don't lie."
FireFlamerx9z's avatar

I love the idea of them being friends.

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You are going to be on Smash Bros!!!!!!
MercenaryX's avatar
The fact that her ears and face are blushing so badly makes me think it is very spicy.
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Samus has nice hips and thighs :D
LowlifeGallery's avatar
(You'll be in Smash 6)
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Shantae: yay!!!

Samus: as my sprit

Shantae: ......... so wait I’m gonna posses you? Cuz I’m not that type of jinn
goldorakx69's avatar

she a genie, not jinn

hubertberrum's avatar
Umm it’s the same thing

look it up
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I said Smash 6, not Smash Ultimate.
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Something naughty.
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How big little Macs ... Mac is
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Super cute pose and expressions there.
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Samus: Pit is a lot older than he looks...but his stanima is quite high if you knlw what I mean.
Crossfire7's avatar
"Let me tell you how big Link's sword really is..."
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Samus: Nintendo wanted me to keep this secret, but I just got to let you know that you will actually be one on the future DLC, but you did not hear that from me
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Korra and Samus. Do you want to draw that one  
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A little thoughtful with a intensive secret.
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