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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2012! Lyra is thankful to have Bon Bon
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I also like the taste of Kalkun... And texts annoy me.
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Bonbon looks cute out in a Kalkun-suit? Idk the English word for it sorry.. Churkey? Turkey? ...Turkey-suit... I like Kalkun more through...
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Looks like Lyra is going to...
*Puts on shades*
Eat her tonight!
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I couldn't have said it better myself.
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i thought ponies were vegetarian
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con que programa haces tus dibujos?
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Lyra looks so creeper. xD
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Great coloring, shading, and figures as always, but the thing that makes this picture extra special is Lyra's face. Just that deep, happy amazement, mixed in with some playfulness, that she as such an awesome friend! You portrayed a complex emotion very well, and that deserves some sold praise!
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xD lyra has a semi-rape face xD or maybe an imminent goble
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One sugestive picture, no?
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Go on, Lyra, gobble that turkey. :3
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Cerf,kzlm, как так круто рисовать можно уметь?
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If Bonbon is the turkey, shouldn't Lyra be the stuffing?

...That's terrible, I apologize.
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OMG! You beat me.

Though I was going to go with something like;

Hmm Bonbon looks a little worried there. I guess she remembered how turkeys tend to get stuffed. ;P

Bonbon does look adorable though. :D

Ok, ok! One more... :D
Lyra: "Light Meat or Dark! Either way, this bird is going to be tender and very juicy." ;P

Ok I am done, this is another fun picture. Thank you Joseco. :D
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Lyra's just itching to eat that turkey, ain't she? :eyes:
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:iconhappylyraplz: - "To continue my studies in anthropology, I must experience the human tradition of 'Thanksgiving'... So I'll be having turkey! First, I need a turkey, a but they don't actually exist, so that's why you're wearing this costume..."
BonBon: "Uhm, Lyra... Didn't you say something, like, humans eat turkey?..."
:iconbonbonponyplz: - "I thought ponies were vegetarian..."
:iconlyrayunoplz: - "But I'm going to have a turkey, just like a human. That's all that matters!"

BonBon: "So, uhh, Lyra... You know I'm not a turkey, right?"
Lyra: "What? Oh, hey, about your being a turkey and all..." *Brandishes axe* "Can you take a look in this basket? Yeah, just lean over this tree stump to do it, really making sure to stretch out your neck as you go..."
BonBon: "Uhh... Lyra... You're really scaring me..."
Lyra: "Oh, you didn't think - oh my gosh, BonBon! You didn't think I was going to do anything, did you?" *Throw axe away* "I'd never do anything to my PFF!"
BonBon: "Heheh... Yeah..."
Lyra: "So, turkey, you should check out this collar I made, it's uh... yeah... To replace Big Mac's old one. So just poke your head through it and we'll see how comfortable it is."
BonBon: "Lyra... That looks kinda like a stockade..."
Lyra: "Stockade!? Hahaha, of course it's not a stockade, it's a guillotine- I mean a neck-thingie for Big Mac. Yeah. To replace his old one."
BonBon: "No... Thanks?"
Lyra: "Necktie?" *pulls out noose"
BonBon: "I think I'm going to take the turkey suit off..."
Lyra: "Hahahah..." *Pulls out Pilgrim-era hunting rifle* "Let's go on a nice long walk into the Everfree Forest, turkey, and talk about my Thanksgiving day meal... and turkey."

:iconbonbonpony: - "Yeah, I'm just putting a nurse outfit on now, instead."
:iconlyraastonishedplz: ... :iconlyrawtfplz: ...
:iconlyramlpplz: - "Oh, hai Bonbon. You won't believe what just happened! I was almost going to have a turkey for thanksgiving - just like humans used to! Then the turkey vanished, just outta nowhere!"
:iconlyracryplz: - "And now I won't be having a human thanksgiving..."
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