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Happy Holidays 2014!

It's been a loooooooong time. This image is from Ask Gaming Princess Luna, but I spruced it up a bit more.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I will be back next year!
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Happy new year.Though it is a little late to say that,I still love your artworks.They are just awesome!
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Looks really wonderful!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
ALDOELI's avatar
Happy Smekday.
Blackvegetable's avatar
My comment may be belated, but this was lovely for 2014! :D
CadetotheEndFTW's avatar
Happy late Christmas and late happy holidays XD
chaosmalefic's avatar
"It's been a loooooooong time"

hm... I read that in GLaDOS voice..

Anyways, Happy Holidays!
karkovice1's avatar
Glad to see you're back drawing again. :)

OH! And a Happy New Year, as this comment was posted on New Year's Eve. :)
TheWanderer93's avatar
Dakathi666's avatar
Happy Holidays!
BlackHwolf's avatar
Whoo hoo!
Happy holidays to ya too!
darkwarrior's avatar
Merry Christmas.
DWestmoore's avatar
I just drew Luna and Tiny Tim Scootaloo on Christmas.... :P

Hope you had a nice Christmas!
K4nK4n's avatar
Derpy~!! :heart: Hope you had a good Christmas.
Frostbite900's avatar
Happy Holidays JJ!! And welcome back
JoeBrony's avatar
Happy Holidays :D

Derpy! :heart:
Cecil475's avatar
Merry Christmas! Doing okay?
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Love your gamer Luna and Derpy!
Somepony is druuuuuuuuunk
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Nice picture, but you should really update the Gamer Luna blog more regularly.
It lays bare most of the time. :(
DerpyAwl's avatar
Here's to a full recovery, man.
TrueMadayar's avatar
And to you, you awesome artist, a merry Hearth's Warming!
Helsaabi's avatar
Yay! it's been while! <3
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