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Hail the Muffin Princess!

Well the 100th episode that made me want to draw ponies... She gets way more attention than Celestia. Official name is Muffin but she'll always be Derpy to me.
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Derpy is just the best background pony ever <3

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*bows before her, giving a muffin as an offering*
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god your art is so adorableeee~~
all hail our saviour!!
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Just imagine, Derpy going alicorn  8-)
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Cuteness overload!
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Oh so she's got THREE names now. I wasn't aware of that.
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Yep. Her full name: (Princess) Ditzy Derpy Muffins Do Hooves. XD
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DERPY! Do you know what the punishment is for impersonating a Royal Princess??? Take those off before Princess Celestia sees you wearing 'em!
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And then came Scare Master where she impersonated Princess Twilight, and now A Royal Problem... I think she's in biiiig doo doo.... ;)
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We'll proably see that in another dream episode.
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I think you called it... ;)
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The royal episode was pretty fun. Hail Daybreaker!
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Who said her name was- ooohh. Curse you, fandom.
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Best Princess (?
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The one true princess!
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ALL HAIL THE MUFFIN PRINCESS! :P Her name is Muffin, but same as you, I'll always know her as Derpy.
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