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Good Morning Fluttershy

I know all of you were waiting for this one. There will be no morning pony for tomorrow. So Fluttershy can bask in the glory of her fans. :)
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I foresee something like the opening of Grease occurring, where birds and little animals help her get ready to face another day. 
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Daww I love her smile and the tired yes. Nice line work.
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too adorable, I just can't!
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You are my shading reference. Excellent work. 
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Good Morning!Rhett and Link chat emote #8 
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Freakin' adorable! :squeeeeeeeeee: 
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good morning beautiful :)
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Can you do Coco Pommel :D
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Some people might say: Bed mane? But I say: Who cares, it's Fluttershy! She can make any look adorable. ^_^
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What about a Good Morning Coco Pommel! =D
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Another day, another dollar.
Even her bed hair looks cute.
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Then i guess he/she took it down.
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Lol she has green eyes in this picture but she is supposed to have blue.
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Changeling. In one week it will be able to conquer Equestria.
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I think Fluttershy did have green/blue eye, kinda turquoise.
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