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Good Afternoon Maud Pie

Haven't done one of these in a long time. I do like her. I wish we saw the other Pie sisters.
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Afternoon? What time does she normally go to bed?
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I love seeing fan art like this. Just the characters doing their casual things 'Off camera' and such.
Beautifully made art, great coloring and shading :3
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Looking good as always!
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Maud Pie is awesome <3
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Maude if im bed with boulder!?
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sleepin like a ... sheep.
HA didnt see that one coming!
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:) I really like Maud.
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Oh yeah i remember that face from when I and Pinkie just ran up to her when she was asleep and just started to make her to wake up by saying ''WAKE UP'' Really loud and Maud was like '' what are you doing in here?'' And we just said ''Nothing'' and then we just ran away out of her room.... That was good times......Goood times....F2U: dummy dream Bonne nuit  :3 
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Funny thing: as a kid, I collected shiny gemstone rocks and learning about them. Probably my tomboy side XD
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how is that tomboy though
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I also scraped my knees a lot,  climbed trees and loved mud. I never played with barbies when I was little which was considered a "girly" thing to do.
LightningMcQueen's avatar
you mean like all children ever?
Aerodil's avatar
Um, no. Just me.
LightningMcQueen's avatar
so you were the first and last child to roll in mud, climbs trees and not play with barbies huh?:iconfacepalmplz:
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No, I never said anything like that. Now you are putting words in my mouth and trying to make me look stupid when I know what I am talking about.

I was saying that I was a tom-boy back then when I was younger. Not every girl likes Barbies and not every boy likes cars and trucks. 
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Are they her clothes? 
Or blankets? O_o
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When I saw there was a pony named Maude I was relly surprized because meh middle name is Maude
ShineyLuna's avatar
Not a morning pony then? :)
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