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Flying with the Angels

So the Wonder Bolts, no doubt, resemble The Blue Angels and someone suggested Dash should fly them. So what the hay!

Ponies in your air space! Dance with the Angels!

A couple notes.: I used a couple of pics for reference. I don't have a model F/A-18 at hand so would be quite difficult! Omitted pilot names on the planes. I didn't want the pic to be heavily detailed. As long as they look like F/A-18s, we're good to go.

Very satisfied with how Rainbow Dash turned out.
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Well, from what I heard, the Wonderbolts colorscheme was based off of the Blue Angels anyway, so this is very fitting.

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Rainbow Dash.....DO A BARREL ROLL! *sorry, couldn't resist*
Cool blu Angels/ navy f 18 hornets . Dos any won now y the blu Angeles and the wonder bolts haf the Sam colers blu and yelo. Cool pic
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Thunder bolts from MLP? Yeah. They were actually based off of the Blue's.
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Chasing the Angels!
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Reminds me of Ace Combat 6 "Let's go Talisman, Dancing with the Angels"
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Garuda Team, time to take off.

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Angle 1:Repeat that again angle 3 with less Insaneness
Angle 3:Like I was saying ITS RAINBOW DASH!
Angle 4:ok guys calm dow we all know that pinkie pie is the best.
Angle 1:are you guys talking about that mlp show dude its obvious that fluttershy is da best
Me:*face palms* you guys are fricken idiots why am I even on this team
all Angles:Cause you like it 😝
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Exceed the speed?
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lol that's hilarious! XD
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Dear John: F-18s aren't easy either. You must be justifiably proud of all the pic.
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Slot Pilot: "Boss do you copy? We've got a rainbow mane Pegasus in the formation."

Boss: "We've got a what?"

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This would be funny if it was where I live cause I live near a millitary airfield where the airspace opened few years ago for public use but imagine if she would fly by when it was still closed and they see her in the sky and  they send some F16 after her, just imagine the look on the pilots their faces XD.
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Yup they resemble them and this is freaking damn awesome! :iconso-awesomeplz:
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I wished there was an art print of this! I love Rainbow Dash AND the Blue Angels :squee:
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I have a group on FimFiction called "Ponies in the Military" and I would like to use this as a banner for it.
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Well Rainbow Dash flies really pretty fast... like a Jet fighter... Dafuq?
But this Artwork is awesome!!!
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She flies at Mach 1.
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Command e ahve a uip un identified pony
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You know what we need now? Soarin' flying with the Russian Knights.
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"Blue Angel 3 to Blue Angel Leader... uh, where did we recruit the new girl from again?"
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